6 Steps to Building Your Dream Home Gym

Building a home gym is an exciting and fulfilling experience. A home gym saves you both time and money. You no longer have to pay a monthly subscription to get the full value of a gym. A once off payment can set you on your fitness journey for life. You can wake up 30 min later everyday As you do not have to drive anywhere. Those 30 min of extra sleep will greatly boost your health. Furthermore, 65% of people use the excuse, “I don’t have time to train today”. A home gym eliminates all excuses. If you have time in your day to be relaxing at home for 20min then you have time to train in those 20 min. No excuses!

The following steps will give you some insight in to building your home gym.

1. Are you ready for home training?                            

Home training is not for everyone therefore it is important to determine if it suits you. Practice by doing a few body weight workouts at home without any gym equipment and take it seriously as if you would in the gym. See if you have the same output and effect. Furthermore Having no external motivation may be a beneficial experience. We believe if you need external motivation to exercise then you are training for the wrong reasons. You train for the person you see in the mirror and nobody else. 

2. Select space                                                 

Choose an area in your home that is a sufficient workout space. We recommend a minimum of 20m^2 of space for the greatest results. Take note of your walls. If you are looking at a pull up bar or dip bar, we recommend choosing a double brick wall in order to look after your safety. 

3. Plan your budget                                    

When planning your budget it is important to determine your fitness goals. Eg. if you are looking to shred fat and burn calories you are going to need to get your heart rate up. Cardio is a good way of burning fat however treadmills and spinning bikes can be over R20 000. Consider using kettlebells as a cheaper alternative that will give you a mean workout. Kettlebell swings, kettlebell burpees, kettlebell clean and press, kettlebell walking lunges. This will all burn many calories. Alternatively if you are looking for a complete set up, wait till black Friday/Christmas time in order to maximise holiday specials. 

4. Decide what training you would like to do and the desired equipment.

When designing a home gym it is important to consider what training you will be doing. Eg. If you want to train Crossfit, you should try create as much working space as possible. What we mean by this is that Crossfit involves a lot of Olympic lifting, therefore you want enough space in your gym where you can move around and lift heavy without damaging your flooring. We recommend an Olympic bearing bar and 70kg of Cast Iron Olympic Plates as a starter kit for any Crossfit individual. Thereafter it is worth investing in battle ropes and a pull up bar. 

5. Speak to a MaxFit consultant to help design your optimum gym.

At MaxFit SA we strive to do more than sell you a product. Speak to us about your fitness goals, ambitions , budget , type of training you enjoy and the space you are working with and we will help build a custom fit for your fitness goals. Some clients ask us for workout and nutrition advice as well and we will gladly assist to the best of our ability. 

6. Place an order end get ready to take your fitness to a new level.

Shop now at www.maxfitsa.co.za or alternatively contact our team and order directly through us. We advise the latter if you are looking to fit out a large gym or want to customise your order. Direct communication works the best. We will gladly assist in whatever way we can to maximise your fitness results. 

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Building a home gym is an exciting endevour. A home gym can save you both time and money - no moreongoing subscriptions or commuting back and forth from public gyms.