5 Benefits Of Office Gyms – From A Purely Business Perspective


We all know exercising is healthy and helps us look better. But, unless you are running a model agency, you will hardly invest in gym equipment to make sure your employees look great at the beach. 🙂

But, there are some clear benefits your company will get if you decide to build an office gym. This article will be all about that. We will give you 5 benefits of office gyms from a purely business perspective. And, as you are about to see, your business goals and your staff’s satisfaction aren’t always contradictory.

Benefit #1: Improved Job Satisfaction

Having an office gym will improve job satisfaction significantly. First, people don’t have to pay for gym memberships and waste time commuting – they are already at the gym once they finish their work day.

But, having a gym at the office will also show them you care. When interviewing potential new colleagues, a home gym might just be the thing to convince them how your company isn’t just another one of those who are there to take their soul and drain every last bit of energy.

An office gym will make your company stand out, making employee retention and acquisition easier. Also, those who exercise together regularly are likely to become friends, and personal bonds with colleagues will make employees love their job even more.

Benefit #2: Improve Productivity And Motivation

Exercising is not only great for physical, but for mental health too. If your employees work out regularly, they will not only be healthier but will have more energy, improved memory, and better focus

Besides improving health and productivity in the work environment, a gym will be a great place to organize small competitions. For example,e you can set up a leaderboard on the wall which will list the team member who did the most miles on a rowing machine that week. This will spark healthy competition and will also create personal bonds between team members.

Benefit #3: Healthier Employees Take Less Sick Days

Regular exercise is excellent for the immune system, making your employees more resistant to illnesses. This will mean fewer sick days and more hours clocked in on your projects, bringing better business results. You will have your best team members available all year round.

An obvious benefit of staying healthy is reduced healthcare costs. Not only that your employees are not working when they are ill, but the treatment also costs, which further increases your expenses. Again, we are not cruel, but you are running a business, and making sure your employees are available will pay off big time.

Also, muscles are not only visually appealing. Having a squat rack at the office, an Olympic barbell, and some weight plates will not only improve deadlift and squat PRs but will make your employees healthier too. Active muscles will mean they won’t suffer from common aches and pains caused by all day sitting. They will experience less back and neck pain and improved blood flow will positively impact their work performance too.

Benefit #4: Reduced Stress Levels

The negative impact stress has on health is well-documented. But, chronic stress also negatively impacts work performance. Stressed employees will be less productive, and the work atmosphere will be poor. Nobody wants to work in an environment where people are tense, drained, snapping at each other.

Even if you don’t have funds to build a full corporate gym, having a few dumbbells and a quality adjustable bench will be enough to get going. Your employees will be able to have active breaks, which will let them blow off some steam. Releasing negative energy and moving their bodies will significantly improve mood and the work atmosphere with it. That improvement will be felt even by colleagues who don’t exercise.

Benefit #5: Improved Company Image

Gyms in the corporate environment are becoming more common but are still rare. Having one is one of the best ways to separate your company from all the rest.

Once people see pictures taken from your office gyms on your office’s Instagram page, they will immediately start seeing your company in a different light. This won’t go unnoticed by potential future employees, but also competition. Don’t get surprised if your competitors start building office gyms at their premises too. 🙂


Building a gym your employees can use for free is just a nice thing to do. But, as this article showed, there are some obvious benefits from a purely business perspective. Improved productivity, work atmosphere, fewer sick days, better brand image, all of those make an office gym an excellent business investment.

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