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From home gyms for the casual lifter to commercial equipment for industry juggernauts such as Planet Fitness and Virgin Active, MaxfitSA caters for all types of customers.

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MaxfitSA was founded by two brothers, Levi and Judd Silverman. Both exceptional sportsmen and fitness fanatics, the brothers’ passion for an active lifestyle and entrepreneurship has fuelled the establishment and success of their premium gym equipment company.

MaxfitSA has seen tremendous growth in the corporate gym space. Companies have identified the importance and benefits of implementing corporate wellness programmes to empower employees with the tools to manage work-related stress and promote a healthy work-life balance. MaxfitSA excels here as an industry leader because they provide their clients with personalised guidance from the ground up.

Consultation –  the foundation of success

Maxfit SA has an inherent understanding that a gym is a reflection of one’s vision and values. That is why they begin with a detailed consultation to understand clients’ needs and expectations.

Expert gym designers sit down with clients to gain insight into their vision for the gym. Careful consideration is given to space requirements and equipment preferences to build their clients’ dream-gym. They pride themselves on their success in gaining individualised understandings of all their clients. This enables customised planning to fulfil each client’s unique needs.

Planning – customising your vision

MaxfitSA’s tech team creates a 3D gym design, which simulates a walk through tour of a client’s prospective gym. This allows clients to be active participants with the design team, who work meticulously to produce a scaled, accurate representation of a client’s gym. This is tailored back and forth to their clients’ satisfaction.

Working together with their clients, they curate the ideal fitness environment using their industry expertise.

Delivery and installation – bringing your vision to life

The delivery and installation of the full facility is done professionally and timeously, transcending plans and designs into reality. MaxfitSA ensures perfect installation and functionality for all projects. This is combined with comprehensive training for safe and effective usage of equipment.

Their premium gym equipment allows maximal performance, ultimately delivering a world-class fitness experience.

What our clients say

MaxfitSA’s success is best explained in the words of happy clients.

“Used the guys at MaxfitSA to kit out our corporate gym and they did a stunning job at a fraction of the cost! I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Excellent quality and service!” – Edmund Ready

“This company is not only precise, helpful and extremely service minded, they also go out of their way to help. I had a great experience ordering my gym gear from Max Fit. Levi, the man we were in contact with was very attentive to our needs for a home gym from day one. We love the quality of the equipment! Shipment is fast and reliable. Highly recommend this company, will definitely order from them again.”- Marianne Buchel

“Thanx for the fast and efficient service from Levi and Judd. Delivery to Port Elizabeth within 4 working days…Received the best deals on the treadmill and dumbell weights I ordered” – Tyronne Ferndale

“This was the fastest delivery I have experienced in my life. Thanks Judd for excellent and prompt service.” – Sipho Diamini

A gym for all people

MaxfitSA is passionate about health promotion, achieving goals and satisfying all their clients. Their efficient service, high-quality equipment and alignment with their customers’ health and fitness values creates the optimhal platform for South Africans from all walks of life to conquer their health and fitness endeavors. MaxfitSA have cemented themselves as leaders in the gym equipment industry. If you are looking to add gym equipment to your current setup or planning to start a new project from scratch, MaxfitSA has you covered.

For more information:

Judd Silverman, Co-Founder

Tel: 0842012102


Levi Silverman, Co-Founder

Tel: 0828969855


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